Factors That Affect the Durability of Your Exterior Paint

When you want to transform your house, one of the best things you can do is to apply a new coat of paint. Painting is the easiest home improvement you can make to your house. However, it’s also the most definitive.  

Even if you’re not changing other things in your home, you’ll immediately rejuvenate the curb appeal of your property by just applying a coat of paint on the walls.  

However, how often should you change the paint of your home’s exterior? Well, the answer depends on several aspects.  

Keep in mind that paints don’t last long. Their durability depends on several factors as well. Before you hire a painter Wahroonga, here are the factors you should consider: 

Maintenance of Your Home 

Do you regularly maintain the exterior surface of your property? Is your home regularly exposed to moisture? If so, the paint on them will get damaged at a quicker rate. Dampness will also damage the paint, aside from the actual moisture.  

Organic growths will damage the paint on your home’s exterior. This is especially true if you don’t deal with them immediately.  

Softwood surfaces are more prone compared to hardwoods. Thus, they require more attention and care.  

The Paint Job’s Quality 

The quality of the surface prep work before applying the paint determines how long the paint will last and how well the paint will stick. If you don’t completely get rid of the old paint or surface impurities before applying the new coat, the paint will have a higher chance of failing.  

In addition to that, it will greatly influence the performance of the paint if the surface wasn’t dried properly before you paint it. The color of paint and how many coats were applied are other factors that affect the durability of the paint.  

Because of this, it’s recommended to hire a professional painter Wahroonga to guarantee the durability of the paint.  

Orientation of Your House 

Southwest and south-facing side of your house will be exposed to more of the UV rays of the sun than north-facing walls.  

Thus, even if you paint all walls of the building with the same type of paint, a couple of walls will deteriorate faster compared to others. It does not matter if you applied them on the same day or if the materials are the same on all sides of your house.  

Severe Weather Conditions 

Houses in regions with high relative humidity and high temperatures will be exposed to more stress. Other weather conditions that can affect the durability of your home’s exterior include wind-blown sand and sea breeze.  

Paints with darker hues and oil-based paints are more sensitive to the heat of the sun. This is particularly true if they include synthetic pigments.  

The weather on the day a house was painted also has a huge part in the durability of the paint since weather determines how the paint dries.  

If you want to guarantee your paint lasts long, always hire a professional Wahroonga painter for help. This will help you guarantee you make the most out of your exterior paint.